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CAKE Kalk Electric Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
CAKE Kalk Electric Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
Cake Kalk Electric Motorcycle Owner's Ma
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CAKE Kalk& Electric Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
CAKE Kalk& Electric Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
CAKE Kalk& Electric Motorcycle Owner's M
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Cake Kalk Electric Motorcycle
Cake Solar Charging Electric Motorcycle

Features of CAKE Kalk Electric Motorcycle

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for CAKE Kalk & Kalk& Electric Motorcycles.


CAKE Kalk is an electric motorcycle that combines high power and low weight.


Due to this, this device will be able to provide maximum convenience in movement.


The motorcycle is produced by the Swedish company CAKE, which produces environmentally friendly vehicles with zero emissions.


The team has achieved good results in their work, as their bike with a fairly low weight has a high performance.


The motorcycle has been tested by more than a hundred people, from champion riders to ordinary people aged 12 to 75.


Ease of control is provided by special software and joysticks, so almost every driver can handle the motorcycle.


A comfortable ride is provided by elements and parts that have been individually developed by team members specifically for high-performance driving.


Every detail of the motorcycle is brought to perfect condition and adapted specifically for CAKE Kalk.


Without any problems, you can drive both on a normal road and on rather difficult terrain.


The trip is carried out with the help of the controller, which has three driving modes, as well as the functions of braking and starting the trip.


This electric motorcycle does not look like a typical motorcycle with a similar purpose.

It has a lightweight and durable construction and is not intended to be noticed.


Although due to the fact that we are not used to seeing such vehicles on the roads, CAKE Kalk will clearly be of interest to others.


When creating, the manufacturer focused on the comfort of passengers when moving, but this did not affect the pleasant external features.


The motorcycle will suit both girls and boys, as it has a neutral design and color, which includes a palette of white, gray and gold colors.


The manufacturer guarantees excellent quality and durability.


In addition, the bike is an innovative product, as the team managed to achieve good performance with a weight of less than 70 kg.


To provide the necessary speed an industry-standard 15-kilowatt IPM engine was placed in the motorcycle.


It has been specially adapted for the CAKE Kalk model.


The maximum speed that the motorcycle can develop reaches 80 km per hour, the device has 42 Nm of torque.


It is also worth noting that this is an electric motorcycle, respectively, the engine is also electric and comes with a 50 Ah 2.6 kW lithium-ion battery.