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Senke SK125-22A Raptor Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
Senke SK125-22A Raptor Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
Senke SK125-22A Raptor Motorcycle Owner'
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Features of Senke SK250-X6 Motorcycle

Above on the page there is PDF Manual with Electric Wiring Diagrams and Troubleshooting for SENKE Motorcycles.


The Senke SK250-X6 motorcycle falls into the naked category.


The motorcycle proved popular in Europe under the brand name Romet Division 249.


The Senke SK250-X6 of the 2014 model year differs in appearance with wheels - instead of three-spoke wheels, they began to complete them with multi-spoke wheels.


The motorcycle has a European certificate and is successfully sold there.


The motorcycle has a center stand, stylish sharp LED flashers and a rear light.


The dashboard is the best combination for a budget bike of a pointer tachometer with an LCD panel.


It displays large speed, remaining fuel (analogue column), mileage, time, gear number.


The seats are removed - in turn: first the rear after turning the key, then the front (for this you need to pull the pip).


Under the driver's seat there is a small volume - enough to put a tool, a candle, work gloves.


The engine is simple in design - a two-valve air vent, but this is not a bloated clone of the Honda CG series engine with a lower single-cam camshaft and push rods.


The OHC scheme is used here, which is somewhat better in terms of power removal - it is possible to make asymmetrical valve timing and increase maximum speed, and hence power.


Two pipes are misleading, in fact there is only one cylinder.


The motor of Senke SK250-X6 motorcycle looks simple, it has its own style, however, a balance shaft is installed.


Therefore, one should not be surprised that vibrations are not felt in the entire range of speeds, except for the most extreme ones.


And the device accelerates to 130 km / h.


But it is better to do this after a break-in of at least a thousand km, when all four-stroke engines are noticeably gaining strength.


In the gearbox, five-switch freely and with a reasonable lever stroke, and blindfold and put on a branded bike - you can’t catch the difference.