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Honling Scooter Service Manual PDF
Honling Scooter Service Manual PDF
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History of Honling Scooters

Above on the page there is a PDF Manual for HONLING Scooters.


The Honling company was founded in 1985 in Shanghai (China) as an assembly plant of one of the Japanese corporations.


Over the years, it has become an independent organization with branches in China, representative offices and production facilities in many countries of the world.


The Honling company managed to survive in the conditions of fierce competition in the domestic market, taking into account the increased requirements for the quality of equipment, which China government imposes.


Of the remaining factories in China, only a few, like Honling, boast their own production of components, including engines, carburetors, frames and plastics for the produced scooters, their own research institutes and testing laboratories.


Honling executives managed to reorient their production to export, the largest consumers of Honling scooters are the United States, Mexico, Russia and Greece.


Honling scooters have quality certificates valid in the EU, the USA and the Russian Federation, they meet the international standards ISO9001 and ISO2000.