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Jianshe JS125-4X Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
Jianshe JS125-4X Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
Jianshe JS125-4X Motorcycle Owner's Manu
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Jianshe 400 ATV User Manual PDF
Jianshe 400 ATV User Manual PDF
Jianshe 400 ATV User Manual PDF.pdf
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Jianshe JS110-5
Jianshe JS125-6AG

History of Jianshe Motorcycles

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for JIANSHE Motorcycles, ATV.


Chongqing Jianshe Motorcycle Co., Ltd. - state company with a history in 1889.


However, motorcycles began to be built relatively recently, a little over 30 years, having established close relations with the Japanese corporation Yamaha Motor Co.


During this time, Jianshe mastered the production of engines from 48 to 400 cm3, which are installed on motorcycles, scooters, pit bikes, scooters and ATVs.


The most famous is the Yamaha model YBR125 - it is made right here in Chongqing.


Models with electric motors are also available. Products enter the markets of more than 70 countries under the brands Jianshe, Chongqing, Jianshe-Yamaha, Chongqing-Yamaha.


Jianshe is capable of producing up to one million motor vehicles a year, taking the 8th place in the ranking of Chinese motorcycle manufacturers.


In general, the lineup is not very diverse.


There was also a new model under the Yamaha brand, which was developed on equal terms by Japanese and Chinese engineers - JYM-125H8.

In fact, Jianshe is Yamaha's general partner in mainland China.


There are currently three Jianshe-Yamaha joint ventures in China. The first is located in Chongqing (Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co.) and admits motorcycles and scooters. On the second - in Zhuzhou (Zhuzhou Jianshe Yamaha Motor Co.) scooters are produced.


The third facility is located in Shanghai (Shanghai Jianshe Yamaha Sales Co., Ltd.) - it sells motorcycles in the domestic market under the Yamaha brand. Meanwhile, Jianshe uses its other brands (Jianshe and Chongqing) and its retail chains.


In general, the forms of cooperation between Jianshe and Yamaha have changed several times over the course of 30 years. In the beginning, Jianshe only produced and imported 2-3 Yamaha models including a 110 cc engine, similar to the Kab engine, but of Yamaha design.


In the 1990s, Jianshe and Yamaha formed the first joint venture called Chongqing Jianshe Yamaha Co. Ltd .. Today, three joint ventures with Yamaha have been registered. Ten years ago, collaboration took it to the next level.


Since then, Jianshe has been producing all Yamaha motorcycles (model YBR 125), and they are marketed under the Yamaha brand in China and other countries.


Through the use of the mastered Yamaha technologies, local specialists began to make some improvements to meet market requirements.


These new models target domestic and foreign markets.


In 2013 we went further - now the share of our developments has reached 50%.