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Sondors Metacycle e-Motorcycle Owner's Manual
Sondors Metacycle e-Motorcycle Owner's Manual
Sondors Metacycle e-Motorcycle Owner's M
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Sondors Metacycle

Sondors Metacycle Features

Above on the page there is a PDF Manual for SONDORS Metacycle Electric Motorcycle.


The California-based company has begun shipping electric motorcycles to its customers. So far only in the US.


Unveiled in January 2021, the Sondors Metacycle urban electric bike made a lot of noise thanks to two things.


Firstly, the manufacturer promised very serious characteristics: a maximum speed of 130 km / h, a cruising range of up to 130 km and a mass of only 91 kg.


Secondly, the Sondors company struck on the spot with the price: only 5, 000 US dollars for such a device.


Alas, time passed, but not a single Sondors Metacycle reached the customer.


The original delivery date, scheduled for September 2021, was moved to the end of the same year, and then to the summer of 2022. However, nothing has changed over the summer.


And now, in November 2022, Sondors announced the shipment of the first batch of Metacycle electric bikes to customers!


Moreover, the manufacturer promises to ship all prepaid motorcycles before the end of this year. But so far only in the US.


There was no information about when to expect an electric bike for a client from Europe.


Recall that the Sondors Metacycle is equipped with a wheel motor with a nominal power of 8 kW (or almost 11 hp), while the peak power value is 14. 5 kW, i. e. about 20 hp


In the standard Drive mode, the electric bike can accelerate to 100 km/h, and in the Sport mode, even up to 130 km/h.


A 4 kWh lithium-ion battery provides a light vehicle with a range of up to 130 km.


Surprisingly, the advertised price of $5, 000 also remained unchanged.


True, only for those customers who confirmed their desire to purchase Metacycle by depositing funds.


The rest will be able to buy an electric bike next year for $6, 500.


Sondors Metacycle is available in two colors: unpainted aluminum and all black.