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Aspes Yuma 125 Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
Aspes Yuma 125 Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
Aspes Yuma Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
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'77 Aspes Hopi 125 Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
'77 Aspes Hopi 125 Motorcycle Owner's Manual PDF
'77 Aspes Hopi 125 Motorcycle Owner's Ma
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History of Aspes Motorcycles

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals for ASPES Motorcycles.


The Aspes brand dates back to 1955, when a small Italian factory in Varese began producing bicycles.


The first Aspes motocross motorcycles with Miranelli engines, which appeared in 1969, were at the same time the first cars with the later famous Ceriani front fork.


At the 1971 Milan Motor Show, a prototype of a 125 cc motocross motorcycle with a Sachs engine was presented.


The final version went into production a year later under the name Apache, but it was powered by a Maico engine.


At the end of the same 1972, Aspes abandoned a number of suppliers and began to independently produce power units and front forks.


For this, a new division called ASCO = Aspes + Consiglio was created by the merger of the motorcycle company Consiglio).


The owner of the latter, Vito Consiglio, was an engineer with an excellent reputation and specialized in the development of two-stroke engines.

1973 began with the debut of the Hopi, a cross-country and off-road motorcycle.


Two-stroke engine with a volume of 125 cc, 20 hp. and a telescopic front fork with hydraulic shock absorbers for this machine was created by the ASCO division.


In 1976, Aspes offered customers the Juma 125 road-sports bike, which was successfully sold in France and Italy.


A year later, the production program was supplemented by a new Navaho model for cross and off-road competitions, which was equipped with a 50 cc Minarelli engine in a block with a six-speed gearbox.


In 1978, a 50 cc Sioux 50 motorcycle without an automatic clutch was added.


In the early 1980s, production of Aspes motorcycles began to decline, and in 1982 the company became part of the Unimoto company.


In March 2009, Aspes was acquired by Menzaghi Motors s.r.l.


Today, the Aspes brand is reviving again.