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Regal Raptor Daytona DD125 350 400 Motorcycles Owner Manual PDF
Regal Raptor Daytona DD125 350 400 Motorcycles Owner Manual PDF
Regal Raptor Daytona DD125 350 400 Motor
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Regal Raptor NAC Motorcycle Service Manual PDF
Regal Raptor NAC Motorcycle Service Manual PDF
Regal Raptor NAC Motorcycle Service Manu
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Regal Raptor Motorcycle
Regal-Raptor DD125 MK2 Motorcycle

History of Regal Raptor (Li Feng Group) Motorcycles

Above on the page there are several PDF Manuals with Electric Wiring Diagrams for REGAL RAPTOR Motorcycles.


Popular global motorcycle designer Johnny Pag designed the Regal Raptor motorcycle lineup.


Regal Raptor found its face in the production of high quality models, cruisers, in addition, a special interest was focused on the production of choppers, sports motorcycles, everyday models, as well as highly specialized models.


Models with an extended frame and a front fork are considered a chopper.


The Regal Raptor has its own zest - a vertical landing, an abundance of chrome, a low seat, an impressive weight, and often a forward footboard.


Regal Raptor is considered a fairly young motorcycle brand, as it is a decade old.


Companies from China Li Feng Group Co., Ltd. which was established in 1986, manufacture motorcycles under this brand.


Not one enterprise is merged into a company.


The Regal-Raptor models are basically aimed at exporting them, for this purpose representative organizations are located in various parts of the world - in the USA and in large European countries.


To drag Li Feng Group models abroad in China, most likely, the Regal-Raptor brand "with a name not from China" was created.


They differ in their original design, as for the manufacturer from China, the Regal-Raptor models, a fairly high level of performance, while they are considered an absolutely independent development.


All stages of production have been implemented at their enterprises. The engines of Li Feng Group motorcycle model ranges have been developed and produced autonomously.


The entire production cycle has been certified according to ISO9001:2000. Many ideas are patented.


Up to a hundred thousand motorcycles leave the assembly line every day, preference is given to cruisers and choppers - these are original and fashionable models of motorcycles, which are generally equipped with water, air-oil cooling.


The company recommends the rare, stylish Regal-Raptor GSC-300 custom chopper for bike chopper dreamers and romantics.


The design of the motorcycle was made in the style of American motorcycle legend Harley-Davidson - RAPTOR.


This model has all the characteristic features that classify it as a chopper - an elongated frame, a low driver's seat, as well as a high steering wheel.


Regal-Raptor GSC-300 motorcycles are characterized by sufficiently high quality, as for a manufacturer from China.


The model has been completely original developed and surprises with its design, meets all modern standards, a powerful engine, and will give you real pleasure from the trip.